Day 123 & 124: Life Continues and #PhysicsForJamesLickHS

Wednesday, April 18, and Thursday, April 19

I’m all caught up! Grading is done. Yaaaaay!

Physics: Wednesday students worked on corrections and homework in class. We had already talked about all the material for the reading that day, so I gave them a breathing catch-up day. Thursday we began talking about induction, Faraday’s Law, and Lenz’s Law. The treatment in the Hewitt book spends forever on things I could not possibly care less about the students knowing or being able to do, so I’m doing my own lessons on the subject that I like better.

Honors Physics: Since we finished all of E&M, students needed to pick a method of assessment. They ended up choosing lab or project, so Wednesday was one more in-class work day while I surveyed their interest and we settled on spending the last month or so of class split between learning about nuclear/atomic physics and sound. Thursday we started with the history of the atomic theory from the original idea of “a tomos” like 2000+ years ago up through the Bohr model. Tomorrow we’ll touch more on the quantum model and wave/particle duality.

AP Physics: Review! That’s p much all we’re doing anymore! Reviewed circular motion, gravitation, and air resistance (basically the weird applications of force analysis) on Wednesday, and Thursday was a focus on lab-based questions. They hate those, but since there is basically a 100% chance that there will be at least 5-10 points on the free response on those skills, they gotta practice!

Robotics: I started learning how to weld today. I am absolutely garbage at it, and the two students teaching me were incredibly critical, but I liked that there was no sunshine blown up my skirt. I could see when things weren’t going well, and they helped to explain why, what I was doing wrong, and other things I could try. I got in one or two not-utterly-terrible practice welds and then tried to weld two pieces together. HILARIOUS. Did not work at all. I’ll try some more next week. Definitely takes lots of time and effort to learn this skill, but I’m super in to it.

NB: Please support our campaign to reinstate physics at James Lick High School. Sending letters, retweeting @NCNAAPT, or tweeting with #PhysicsForJamesLickHS are all appreciated.


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