Call To Action: Save Physics at James Lick High School

This past weekend was the NCNAAPT (NorCal/NV section of the American Association of Physics Teachers) spring conference, which was a wonderful and fantastic event, but brought to light some troubling things happening in a local district. One of the schools is planning to discontinue physics entirely and moved their one physics teacher to another school with a whole lot of thinly veiled excuses that make no sense and don’t match up with what is actually happening (e.g. enrollment dropped, so they were overstaffed by 1.6 FTE. So they got rid of 1.6 FTE from an already under-staffed science department and 1.6 FTE from other departments, and that’s just the beginning). So, a subset of the officer team has been working to spread the word and hopefully reverse the change. We’ve sent the following letter to the superintendent, the principal, and five school board members.


It has now reached the point where I’m out of my comfort zone when it comes to running a political action campaign. If anyone can help us out through spreading the word, tweeting about the issues with #PhysicsForJamesLickHS, or helping us out with ways to better organize our process, please please please lend your voice to our cause.

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