Day 125: Uncertainty, I Think

Monday, April 23

Physics: Today we did the right-hand-rule-extravaganza. We learned and practiced three RHRs. I have a feeling we’ll probably just stop there and not go into the full induction prediction, because we only have one more day of class before the exam and that’s too much. So, we’ll stop with direction of B field in a solenoid, direction of B field near a current carrying wire, and direction of magnetic force on a moving charged particle.

Honors Physics: They said they wanted to do nuclear and atomic physics, so we spent today trying to understand orbitals. It’s… tricky. I haven’t really done orbital hybridization since I took AP Chem in 1999-2000, so I had to do a lot of reviewing myself. I know normally people just kinda do radioactivity and fusion/fission for nuclear chemistry and ignore atomic altogether other than emission spectra, but we already did that with optics. Anyway, I think it’s interesting to think about how electrons behave as waves, and I’m the teacher, so nyah.

AP Physics: Began the review of E&M with the 2017 FRQs. In 40 minutes they barely got through the first problem. Some of them didn’t. We have a lot of practice ahead of us, so we can get faster, but oy. I think tomorrow I’ll have add in a time constraint so they can’t sit and agonize over a single part of a single problem forever, which they seem to have a bad habit of doing.

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