The Last Six Weeks

This has been in my drafts since May 17. Everything after that is catching up on things since in brief. I may put together some more details on individual bits and pieces later, but here’s where I’m at right now.

Wednesday, May 15

The AP tests have come and gone. A whole bunch of my kiddos dropped out of taking the exam. I have some ideas for future years to keep that from happening quite as much. The “my college doesn’t accept APs” is a valid reason not to take it, but most of the kids backed out from fear or just didn’t feel like it. I’m less impressed with that reason considering the time we spent working to prepare and review. But, I can’t force them to take the thing. I can only encourage and incentivize. Sometimes external motivation isn’t the worst thing in the world when applied judiciously and strategically.

I spent the last four days sick. It was less than pleasant. Of course, the first day I can stand up without being lightheaded and stumbling I’m back in the classroom. AP has to meet, but I don’t ask a lot of them. Making up late work and generally having a chance to rest their brains. Honors just finished a crash barrier project, and Regular just finished their last test for their last unit. Next week is review and momentum exam for Honors and Senior Project Presentations for Regular.

Friday, May 17

I’m at Great America! The park does a “Science and Math Days” every spring, and I brought 14 kids to this year’s. In line at will call, I was behind a woman who was going through some stuff and just needed to unload, so I let her unload on me. Her best friend just died, the person she was going to live with pulled a gun on her, the sister she has been staying with in the mean time just sold their house, and she was going to drive cross country and spend six weeks with her friend, but he just DIED, so all of her plans and thoughts about the future just changed literally overnight and that’s a lot of very hard things all at once. I listened, let her cry, validated her feelings, offered condolences, and just let her talk.

May 18-June 1

Got through the end of school. Left on June 1 for the AP Reading, which was just as delightful this year as always.

June 1-June 9

AP reading! I was on an AP C question, the west coast version of the exam, because those little stinkers were trying to cheat, necessitating a different test for Pacific Time Zone. I learned a lot, as always, and have some new ideas for classroom activities. The idea I like the best is “Physics or Nonsense?” It’ll take some work to get set up, but I think it will be useful.

June 10-20

Moving. It was horrible and brutal, but they were nice enough to give us through the 20th instead of the usual deadline which is the 15th. We didn’t get out until about 6am the morning of the 21st and were brutally worn out and in pain and angry and not doing great in many ways, but we got out and the place cleaned.

June 21-22

Kidnapped by good friends and forced to rest. Mostly.

June 23-25

Driving to Oklahoma with a cat. It was an adventure!

June 25-now

In Tulsa, visiting family, and resting. I got some work done today that’s been too overwhelming to deal with, the kitty is super happy not to be in the car anymore, and we have a place to lay our heads for more than one night in a row that is not a couch.

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