Day 50: Winter Term Is Coming

Tuesday, Nov 28

Physics: Final exam post game. I marked the exams pretty extensively, but today is still corrections for a quiz grade this term.

Honors Physics: Also final exam post game. Made minimal markings, but gave some corrections. Handed ’em out. Students worked together to figure out better answers or how to approach. We also had our first discussion about cosmology and all the parts that we’ll be learning about this term. I’m super excited.

AP Physics: Still final exam post game. I graded the exams, but did not mark corrections, so I handed the students back their exams and had them work through to understand their mistakes on the MC (they know which ones they got wrong) and figure out how to do the FR together without access to the solutions. They’ll continue this tomorrow, and then Thursday we’ll begin SHM. SHM and gravity are all we have left of Mechanics, so I’m looking forward to possibly starting some circuit activities as an intro to electrostatics so they have a reason to know and care why things do what they do.

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