Day 47: Winding Down

It’s the last day of the term before finals. There were multiple AP tests in other classes. Students are wrecked. I’m wrecked. I was on duty last night. I’m on duty this weekend. No one wanted to go see Thor: Ragnarok with me, so I have to cancel the weekend activity I was looking forward to the most. In the grand scheme of things my life is utterly fantastic, but I have a lingering cough and feel under the weather today, so I’m making today a nice, calm day for everyone.

Physics: Top Task! We give the students a dissection pin (unused, of course), four wooden coffee stirrers, and about 20″ of tape and tell them to make a top that will spin for the longest. My colleague’s class so far has a record of 5.47s. I’ll see if my kiddos can beat it.

Honors Physics: Continued practice with AP1 problems.

AP Physics: Whichever set of APC FR problems they worked on yesterday, today they worked the other set without access to notes and resources to see where they were at.

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