April 4-5: Catch-Up

Thursday and Friday, April 4-5, 2019

Talked to the school nurse last night about my head trauma. She said that, considering I am still alive I (probably) do not have a brain bleed, but I need to reduce my screen time and reading. Hilarious. Literally impossible, because today is when I downed more coffee than normal and desperately tried to catch up on the back-log of grading, all of which requires reading either on paper or on a screen. I got all the papers graded and feedback written, but still have a lot of online assignments to grade and students to chase down for not turning in required homework. Most assignments are optional, but some are not. Not doing a required homework is no bueno. I give tons of flexibility, but you are still accountable for learning the material. Do the thing.

Physics: Review for the exam tomorrow on basically all of electricity. It is a hilariously large amount of very confusing and abstract material that was covered in less than three weeks of class all put into one exam. FOUR CHAPTERS in less than three weeks. Bonkers, I tell you what. I wish them kids the best of luck. As the new integrated science program fully falls into place over the next 2-3 years, this class will probably be replaced with something new, and I hope those plans look into the considerable research on depth vs breadth in intro science classes. Friday was the exam.

Honors Physics: Lab day with energy conservation. Carts down ramps and such. Gave vague handout and forced them to figure out what they could do with the materials available and how to approximate or get something similar to what the handout asked. It was an interesting exercise in not having everything all set up and perfectly ready to go, which was kinda fun to watch. After enough, “Figure it out based on what we have,” responses to questions, they eventually just started ad hoc labbin’ it up. That was the goal. Yay! Friday we continued with LOL diagrams and looking at more complicated systems.

AP Physics: LR circuits. Differential equations always cause anxiety. We watched Dan Fullerton’s video with frequent stops to talk through the what and why. This also meant I didn’t make any algebra errors, which have been endemic to everything I write on the board from sheer exhaustion and inability to focus this week. Head trauma doesn’t play around. Dan didn’t make any mistakes, and he does things slightly differently, so the students got to see another approach, as well. The video only talks about starting LR circuits, so we also extended that to talk about what the graph of V and I would look like for when the circuit is turned off.

Friday: LC circuits and harmonic oscillator DEs! And that’s it! We have completed all of the content for AP: C Mechanics and E&M. I’m pretty jazzed. Now it is all review and practice problems all the time.

The weekend was the NCNAAPT conference on Saturday, and Sunday was my first actual for realsies and true day off since Jan 6 (not counting spring break, which I was sick almost the entire thing). I aggressively rested.

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