Day 71: Chillin’ out Max

Thursday, Dec 20

Physics: Beginning discussion of barometers.

Honors Physics: Another work day.

AP Physics: Practice Problems

Y’all, I’m right there with the kids on being ready for break. Having the flu, however mild (thank you, vaccines!) wrecked me for a week, and I’m still not 100%. Tonight I have robotics, but no evening activities which I have had every single other day this week. Then on Friday, I’m done at the end of the school day and AM DONE.  I don’t have duty in terms of getting the kids out of the dorms. I don’t have duty in terms of being a teacher and needing to wrangle students somewhere. I can just be a person. A person who sleeps when she wants.

And then at some point go shopping for Christmas gifts, because I haven’t done that yet.



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