Day 70: Naked Eurekas

Wednesday, Dec 19

I do like to get myself into situations. I’ve been sick for about the last week, but definitely on the mend. The coughing was keeping me up again, so I took another dose of the cold meds. Three hours later when I was still wide awake, I remembered those were daytime meds. Two hours later, G comes home with night-time cough syrup (because I had thrown out all the expired stuff, but had not yet replaced it, and G was out with friends) and I’m still awake, because once the daytime meds wore off the coughing came back as bad as before. I took a biiiiig slug of store brand Nyquil and finally passed out around 3 and had a super duper hard time getting up the next morning, was almost late, and forgot to take any meds before I left. So, it’s back to coughing. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to adult.

Physics: Finishing up the Archimedes lab and talking about floating and sinking.

Honors Physics: Work day! I got the exam written for kids who want the exam instead of doing a project, so that’s all ready and waiting for them. Other than that, it’s sign-ups for presentations starting tomorrow and finishing up on Friday.

AP Physics: Practice problems! That’s it! We’re done with content! Now it’s just doing a million problems until it all fits together in their brains. I went over best practices for using the scoring guides to help them actually learn physics better, which is not reading over it and going “yep, yep, yep” as if it all makes sense without actually spending the time to think through it and be sure it makes sense. Two more days of this, and then we start E&M bright and early on Jan 8, 2019.

Robotics: The school paper is doing a piece on the team, and I forgot to get pictures taken at the practice last night because trying to wrangle 20 kids across three different locations working on seven or so different projects by myself is a bit of a challenge. I didn’t have time to also be team photographer. So, I gathered up all who could make it this morning and took some action shots of kids looking serious while standing near tools and/or pointing at robots. That was actually quite fun being the art director of my own mini photoshoot. We also got some nice pics for our website, so double duty.

We’ve got two more meetings before break. The main builders are on the fence about whether or not to build our own drive train from scratch after spending the last four weeks fighting their way through figuring out how to get one built, but either way they have learned an incredible amount about how to put together a drive train, which is the goal. The “Fab 1” team (who are working on earning their Fabrication 1 Certification) keeps me hopping all the time trying to find things they can do to improve their skills that don’t need supervision while I’m supervising students on the machines that can maim and/or murder them. Looking forward to the day when I have consistent and real support. Not sure when/if that is going to happen, but I look forward to there being a day that happens.


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