Days 68 & 69: Every Day’s a Gift

Monday, Dec 17, and Tuesday, Dec 18

Monday I was still pretty rotten sick, but better than I had been over the weekend, so I emailed in a half-day. I don’t have any classes in the morning, and missing a faculty meeting that was summed up in an email did not feel like it was a particularly necessary meeting to attend, so I slept until 11:30. That was nice. When I got up, the water was shut off. That was not nice.

So, one trucker’s bath later I threw on a beanie hat to cover my unwashed hair and trooped into class. The students were very kind and understanding, although it was a Monday, which meant community night and my assigned dorm duty, so I had to choose between switching with someone and have another duty night later in the week or just pushing on through and being done with it. I chose the latter, and it was a thousand percent exhausting, but at least I’m now done with duty this week and can just rest and recover.

Oh, except that I still have Robotics three days after school, and tonight and Thursday I’m in a faculty radio drama that sounded AWESOME before I got sick, and time to rest is absolutely HILARIOUSLY not going to happen. Ah, well. I’ll recover either way.

Physics: Monday was the beginning of the new unit on solids, liquids, and gases, so we talked about compression and tension in solids. That took 20 minutes, and then I cut them loose. Tuesday was the beginning of fluids, and the quiz took a while, plus they begged me to tell them the full story of Archimedes, so we only had the last ten minutes to do the entire lab, which means we’ll be finishing that up tomorrow. That’s cool. I really like telling the Archimedes story.

Honors Physics: Monday was a work-day in class for students to continue on their projects/papers/whatever to finish up this unit, and it was the reason I sucked it up and made myself to go class. I had promised them I would be there so they could use tools in the robotics trailer for any instrument building they needed tools for, and since no one else can let them in and safely supervise them, it was me or no one. Ugh. I made it happen, and they appreciated it. Good kids. Tuesday some of them worked in the trailer and the rest got more done in class.

AP Physics: Monday was brutal. I was utterly exhausted after teaching 1.5 classes and we needed to get to SHM. I found a playlist of Flipping Physics SHM videos and we watched that. Not my proudest moment as a teacher, but it was what I needed to do at that time to get information to them that was relevant and clear. I was not capable of relevant and clear teaching right then. And the videos are quite good, so that was perfect. Tuesday I was feeling better, so we did the very last two topics we needed to cover to finish up Mech C: Kepler’s Laws and simple harmonic motion differential equations.

The first class was my first of the day, so I had just had a shower with hot water (Yaaaay!), cold meds, and a cup of coffee. I was feeling downright spritely. That class got a little goofy, and we had some very off-topic conversations that were also quite wonderful and enjoyable, and we were still able to get through all the planned material. The second class went more smoothly, but they are far less silly and engaged, and it was the double period, so we started working through released AP problems once we’d finished the last of the new material. It felt good to be done and have a few days to relax a bit and let the kids relax a bit. This week is super hard for everyone, and it all has gone according to plan, even with me getting sick and feeling awful.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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