Day 66 & 67: Showing Up Sick, so Situation Normal

Thursday, Dec 13 & Friday, Dec 14

Work up Thursday with a froggy voice and rattling lungs. No other symptoms of illness, so off to work I went and rasped my way through all my classes. Overall a pretty calm day, but dang was I still exhausted. Then fooled with robotics. Friday woke up feeling like complete garbage. Dragged my sorry self to class and made it happen.

Physics: Switching abruptly from special and general relativity to… springs. One of the least intuitive pieces of physics to one of the most, and they still haven’t been tested on the relativity stuff. I hope today will be more of a brain refresh than intellectual whiplash, but I guess we’ll see tomorrow. Doing a Hooke’s Law lab Thursday. Test on Friday.

Honors Physics: Homework quiz followed by the introduction of the capstone projects. I have kids building instruments, writing research reports, writing kids’ books, and a handful that just want to take an exam, thank you very much. On Monday I’ll be taking some instrument kids down to the robotics trailer to use the tools. It’ll be interesting. Thursday and Friday both were in-class work days to get their project sorted.

AP Physics: Finished discussion of gravitational potential energy, orbits, and escape velocity. I showed them Dan Burns’ gravity video to get a taste for general relativity and also showed them the gravity waves video. Friday was practice problems for rotational motion (double period class) and applying ideas of gravity (both classes).

I still feel like garbage.

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