Day 64: Flicking the Head Scratchers

Tuesday, Dec 11

Physics: Reviewing for the exam tomorrow. I’m doing everything I can to help these kids study and give them a heads up of what will be tested without straight up giving them the questions ahead of time, because all the relativity stuff is just so confusing and cannot easily be understood in a week of rushing through two chapters on it. They appealed to my better nature to see if they could have a note card or something to help them on the exam, and I gave in. They had the last five minutes of class to create a note card that everyone could use with a few bits and pieces of additional information. I’m super interested to see what they put on it that they think will help.

Honors Physics: More sound! Woo! We STILL didn’t get to all the demos I wanted to do, but we can do that tomorrow. I did more about beats, we practiced looking at how changes in tension and frequency affect the wavelengths, and we just barely got started on resonance. I left them today with the demonstration of the head scratchers with the long and short pegs. There weren’t as many gasps and awe as yesterday, but there were some scratched heads and open mouths.

AP Physics: Rotation Quiz to see how they’re doing on the general ideas. As usual, some were super freaked out about it, and I tried to calm them through a discussion of 1) it’s not worth that many points and 2) it’s just a diagnostic, not a summative judgement of your worth as a person. Our goal here is to see where we need to spend more time, not lay down an indelible marker of your future possible income. It’s ok. For the short class, we did a very quick review of gravity at the end, and for the long class we also did some rotational released AP problems, which I’ll do for the other class on Friday.

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