Day 62: What’s a Little Glockenspiel Between Friends?

Friday, Dec 7

I went to bed last night at 10 and slept hard until my alarm went off at 7:45. It was glorious. I had to make myself stay awake until at least 9:30, because if I go to bed earlier than that my treacherous brain assumes I’m just taking a nap and wakes up four hours later done with sleeping and the next day is some misery. Feels good to get some solid rest, I tell you what.

Physics: Still relativity. Still ineffable to the students and joyful for me. Trying SO HARD to help them begin to wrap their brains around how confusing and weird all this stuff is.

Honors Physics: Math of standing waves and harmonics. I went a little crazy with playing them my pan pipe and a glockenspiel to give some examples of how we hear intervals and harmonics. Monday is when I’m going to go HAM on the demos and bring in instruments and letting them play with the things before moving on to resonance to explain some of the things they will see. I can’t wait to show them beats!!

AP Physics: Practice questions for rolling motion and rotational momentum. That’s it. That’s the class.

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