Day 61: In Which, Surprisingly, Nothing Went Wrong

Thursday, Dec 6

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. When I realized it was Thursday I was so disappointed, not because there being another day in the week (I like my job and am on duty this weekend, so it’s not like I get any days off anyway), but because I had another day to wait for the Avengers 4 trailer to come out. Life is hard for fans.

Physics: Started with a quiz. We’re finishing up orbits and moving on to relativity, which is the worst unit. The kids hate it, it makes no sense to them, it’s utterly disconnected from real life, and I absolutely love teaching it even with all of the above.

Honors Physics: Standing waves lab! We did a short homework quiz and then I had them use our collection of long springs, phone cords, and slinkies of various jacked-up natures to look at the relationship between wavelength and frequency for a standing wave with a set distance between the two people holding.

AP Physics: Rotational practice problems. Overall a pretty chill day.

Robotics: The rain let up, so we were able to get more work done than we have been. It took me half an hour this time to get the business and coding teams sorted out, although my helper person did come today and help with some of the supervision, so more than one child at a time could use a power tool. We’ve got a handful of them pretty reasonably not-terrified of the tiny circular saw of doom and our vertical band saw while they cut out the parts for their Fabrication Certification 1 (Fab 1) project. Our amazing Apple mentor person also stopped by today, and we’ll get her back more regularly after the new year. I’ve put out requests for help in multiple avenues now, so I hope at least one bears fruit. I was really overwhelmed and out of patience yesterday, but I’m feeling far more hopeful now.

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