Day 56: Failing My Save vs Break Hangover. Twice.

Thursday, Nov 29

This morning I had a really, really hard time waking up. The first two days back from break weren’t so bad, but today has been brutal. Brain is not firing on all cylinders, and it showed heavily in both Honors and AP today.

Physics: Today we watched part of a video from Hawking’s Universe.

Honors Physics: It was our double block, but with only having one class before this and me not having the supplies I need to do traveling wave labs, I pushed through on more content. Luckily, that content was waves, sound, and the Doppler Effect, so there were plenty of demos and discussions and toys to play with and cool stuff to think about. I super screwed up the demo on how sound travels faster in a dense material, too. It didn’t work, so the students weren’t on board with the conclusion and had convinced themselves that the opposite situation was true (sound moves faster in a less dense medium because it’s easier to swim through water than syrup and more mass slows down a mass/spring system, so it should also slow down a wave). I’m super pleased with these claims, evidence, and reasoning, but all of my attempts to fix the misconception fell completely flat. Did not feel great.

AP Physics: Rotational dynamics for static equilibrium! Woo! We did a beam on two evenly spaced support, a beam on two weirdly spaced supports, a box on a beam on supports, and then I made a major fail by choosing a bad mass for the box when we were trying to figure out where the box will make the beam just start to tip. Turns out the mass I picked was too small to EVER make it tip, and then I screwed up my algebra and got sloppy with my variables, so the first class ended on a regular cluster of confusion. I fixed it in the second class, but I am going to have to do some damage control tomorrow. Luckily tomorrow is the day I have the double period with the class I clustered, so I have time to fix it. Usually making up problems on the fly works, but sometimes I crash and burn and don’t recover fast enough to turn it into a “let’s talk about this result! Isn’t it interesting? Now let’s calculate the minimum mass that WILL make it tip!” safe.

Nope. I felt exactly like this fellow looks.


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