Day 54? I think? Whatever. We’ll go with that.

Tuesday, Nov 27

First day back from Thanksgiving break. I got all my finals graded on Sunday, did the number crunching and comment writing on Monday, and utterly failed at getting back on a reasonable sleep schedule. That’s cool. I have a nice schedule that allows a bit of adjustment, plus also coffee. I have become a regular coffee drinker, which I have never before been in my life. It used to be an occasional “I’m too sleep deprived, so coffee will help” event, and that has gradually become more and more common. So! That’s a thing.

Each class today looked at their final exams and did corrections as a group for a classwork grade. I also asked them all to consider whether they did as well as they wanted or not, and what changes we could make regarding homework policies and in-class laptop policies to help them improve their performance. We’ll have that conversation tomorrow when we start waves (honors), rotation (AP), and gravity (regular).

The big news today is that the full-team robotics season begins at last. We’re meeting four days a week, and I have 22 kids instead of 6. This is going to require a lot more organizing and logisticsing than I did last year when I had a very experienced student who just made all the things happen. He will be coming back during his winter break at the beginning of the season to help the team out, which will be amazing. Anyway, today at our first meeting, the agenda is 1) get kids signed up to help out at open house this weekend and 2) assign them game years to learn everything about and summarize the important details. I’m still working on the document, but holy smokes these games are complex. There are SO MANY PIECES TO KEEP TRACK OF. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the key stats, so we’ll have a good background of things to check out that are similar to this year so we can avoid reinventing the wheel.

Feels good to get back into the swing of things.

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