Day 38, 39, 40, & 41 – 53: Breaking It Up

Friday, Nov 16

Hilarious. I’ve been so overwhelmed with all the things that I never finished this, and I don’t really plan to. The last two weeks have been finishing up the term. I’m exhausted.  Here’s the thing I started two weeks ago and just came back to today. There have been a few instances where something happened in class that made me think, “I can’t wait to blog about this!” but never actually did. Today is proctoring finals. I have the next week off. Hope is I’ll be refreshed and ready to rumble after TG break.

Friday, Oct 26

It was open house at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, so we loaded up about two hundred students and went to play. We learned stuff about space, stress-testing satellites, drones and missiles, 3D printing, and fighting robots. Super neat.

Monday-Wednesday, Oct 29-31

I’m just now recovering from the Robotics Competition from Hell over the weekend. It was brutal in so many ways. I may or may not write it up later. Anyway, going back to school on Monday morning made me about want to cry just because of how tired I was. We have faculty meetings every Monday at 7:45, but this week was a dept meeting at 8am. Then I didn’t have a class to teach until 12:15. I would have slept in LIKE A BOSS if I hadn’t had to go to the dang meeting, but oh well. I got a lot of work done on Monday that had been sacrificed to robotics the week before.

Monday: Physics had an exam (which I still need to grade). Honors continued with fluids. AP continued with Momentum.

Monday night was our Community Curriculum Night, where there’s no homework due on Tuesday and everyone gathers for some sort of event. We were visited by the “No No Boy Project” out of Brown University. Two grad students of Asian heritage (Vietnamese American and Japanese American) telling the Asian American history of America through song. They told stories and sang songs they had written about the Japanese Internment and the Vietnam War to bring in the human element. One story was about a young woman in a Camp whose parents wouldn’t allow her to date, but she had a secret boyfriend, and they only way they could see each other was by washing dishes in the mess hall and holding hands under the soapy water. I don’t know that all the kids here were ready for these stories or these songs or the overall message of centering humanity in tragedy and looking at the lives of people affected, but I was brought to tears a few times. I am 100% going to read their annotated lyrics booklet where they lay out all the history and stories that informed their songs.

Tuesday: AP reassessed forces and put together all the new equipment I bought (tracks and carts, since the air tracks we have are old and busted and warped and SO FREAKING LOUD. I set them loose to see what they could discover. I’m still charging up all the SmartCarts, so we didn’t figure out how to use the wireless data collecting, but that will be a job for Friday’s lab. They did discover some cool stuff about Momentum, which was the goal. This is hell week for theater, so I’m going pretty easy on the kids this week. Honors finished up buoyancy, and I told

Wednesday:We did a few AP B fluid statics problems, so I got to sneak in a discussion of forces and some N2L. Heh heh heh. Hooooo Honors did not like Bernoulli’s Principle. They super wanted faster flow to mean higher pressure. So we blew between balloons, over the top of strips of paper, and beneath paper bridges to see what really happens.

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