Day 31, 32, & 33: Short Week SNAFU

Oct 17-19

Parents Weekend is Friday-Tuesday, so this week was only three days, as well. It’s a good thing, too, because everyone was exhausted and had a hard time adjusting back to the school schedule, particularly on Thursday. I tell people all the time that it’s the second day back from break that is the hardest, but no one else ever seems to remember and plan for that. First day back is almost refreshing. Second day back is a kick in the teeth. Third is a crapshoot. Usually a bit better, could be worse, and things stabilize from there.

Wednesday was review for an upcoming quiz in AP and exam in Honors on Thursday. In regular physics we started on Energy. I super kludged up the schedule in regular physics to get things off by a day, and this current week is off by another day, so now I’m trying to bring it back in line with the other teacher’s class and it’s going to be another week before that happens. Whatevs. I’ll make it work. I also got my flu shot on Thursday.

Friday was exhausting, but we all got through it alive. The flu shot always gives me a few days of feeling run down, so I spent the weekend recovering, and things were all back in shape by Monday.

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