Day 27, 27, 29, & 30: Kayaking and Parent Conferences

Monday-Thursday, October 8-11

Week Before Parents Weekend. Everything basically fell apart, up to and including updating this blog, in early October. So, here’s the brief catching-up posts with a few highlights from the week.

This week was only three days of class, since the PSAT was on Wednesday. I went on a field trip with the 9th graders to Elkhorn Slough to go hiking, learn about the ecology and water health, and spend a few hours kayaking. It was fantastic, but also exhausting. Because it was such a weird, disjointed week, and one where tons of teachers had big projects or exams, my classes were largely review and pretty calm. I don’t like loading up the same time as all the other teachers and work to schedule around the peak times.

Friday and Saturday were parent conferences, which honestly went quite well. I enjoyed having conversations with the parents. It’s always a delightful observational study of phenotypes and behaviors.

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