Day 24: Coffee Filter Equilibrium

Tuesday, October 2

Physics: Review! Exam got moved to Thursday, so this extra day is awesome. I started with giving them time to discuss it as a class with one another and am hearing some great conversations. They ended up having a few questions. I answered them and then gave the option for me to go over more or for them to study together. They chose to study together, and I’m here to answer any more questions that come up.

Honors Physics: I got all the quizzes graded and narrative feedback written except for one who didn’t get it made up. So he took it for the first 10 minutes of class and then sat in on the review. As long as he improves his answers on corrections, I don’t much mind. After reviewing gas laws and hitting the big mistakes I saw, we moved back into thermodynamics. They are struggling with the idea that everything we’ve learned in the previous two chapters is essential for them to understand thermodynamics and heat engines. I refer back to heat transfer or kinetic theory of gases, and they’re not used to having to use ideas from material before previous exams to learn about the new things. “But we already had a test on that!” I haven’t heard that yet this year, but I have definitely heard it before.

AP Physics: Air resistance! I hand waved my way through solving the DE, because I’m zero worried about that right now, and then set them loose with coffee filters to drop them and stack them and see what happens. One of them made the connection to the hammer-feather drop they’d learned about in regular physics last year, which was awesome. They also dropped them upside down and discovered stable and unstable equilibrium. Physics is so neat.

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