Day 22 & 23: Introducing Isocaloric BECAUSE I SAID SO

Friday, Sept 28, and Monday The First of Halloween

Physics: Newton’s Third Law. The book does a lot of ridiculous things that are very confusing, so we had a lot to talk about on Friday. Today we reviewed the homework and began more review. My colleague moved the exam from Wednesday to Thursday, so I have two more days this week to review N2L and N3L with my kiddos. I’m super happy about this, especially since I just had a student transfer into my class today, five weeks into the year, who has never had any physics before. Exciting!

Honors Physics: Friday 3-2-1 and a quiz. I knocked it down from 6 questions on the first quiz to 4, and it still took the entire period after the 3-2-1, so that’s all we got done. Monday we reviewed the 3-2-1 and got through the basic introduction to the first law of thermo. Tomorrow we’ll review the quiz and continue the First Law and iso* processes. Also, why adiabatic instead of isocaloric? I mean, really.

AP Physics: A practice quiz on Friday of a released APC problem so they could see the format, feel the timing, and see a scoring guide. I picked the most straight-forward question I could find, and it may have set their minds TOO easy. I really need to yank up the difficulty. I tried to do that by asking them to characterize a modified Atwood machine on an inclined plane and their heads all immediately exploded. SO, that was too far too fast. I’ve backed down again to the AP B problems that are largely mechanics. I printed out five problems and gave them to different groups. This also let me differentiate and give different difficulties of problems to different groupings of students. My original plan was to talk about air resistance, but if they aren’t solid on the basics, they aren’t going to do well on the not-basics. The conversations I’m hearing are pretty great. ‘The force pulling down is greater than the force pulling up, and this is being pulled sideways…Oh! It’s just a modified Atwood!” Yes it is, my child. Yes, it is!

Tomorrow we’ll do air-resistance with coffee filters and then air resistance with math on Wednesday. It’s no big. We’re doing fine on time.

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