Day 15: Very Calm Day Aside from Self Recrimination

Wednesday, Sept 19

Physics: We took the quiz, reviewed it, and then I set them to working together on solving some projectile motion problems. We’ll see how this goes.

Honors Physics: Convection and radiation. I was not as prepared for this class as I would have liked to have been. I’d focused on thinking about the lab tomorrow assuming I could go on about convection and radiation as needed. We did have a good conversation about them, but I wish I’d had more of an interactive set up. Tomorrow I’ll have some stations for heat transfer as well as gas laws. That’ll round things out nicely.

AP Physics: Review! I found an online practice test with absolutely brutal questions, and we reviewed by going through those questions and talking about them. I’m not going to make the exam that challenging, but they enjoyed the difficult problems.

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