Day 8: Suggestions Requested

Monday, Sept 10

I talked to all my classes today about holding me accountable. One big issue I had last year was letting grading pile up for far too long. Way past the point where feedback would be useful, and even past the point where it would even be useful for review. It was no good, and this year I am determined to give high-quality, frequent feedback. The goal I set myself was 72 hours for completion assignments and 48 hours for graded assignments. I’ve been trying to come up with a method to hold myself accountable to the students, but everything I’ve thought of or that has been suggested does some combination of rewards the students for me screwing up, incentivizes them to want me to screw up, reduces their class time, gives them higher grades, feeds them junk food, and/or costs me a lot of money.

The power imbalance between teachers and students makes accountability weird, so having some external structure we can all agree on doesn’t require the navigation of awkward boundaries quite so much. I’m stuck in the traditional “teachers reward students with candy and points” mindset and having a hard time breaking out of that to something meaningful for both me and the students while incentivizing the behavior I want out of me.

Meeting: Everyone loves a 7:45am meeting about software. We’re switching to Canvas this year, and change is hard. I’ve been fooling with it and went through the “Canvas Kung Fu” class (which is a horrible, appropriative name, btw) where I learned like two useful things: Class Analytics and go to the online guides if you actually want to know how to do anything. That’s a little unfair, but only a little. I did get an overview of things that exist and things that are possible, but am by no means actually a “black belt” at canvas. I’ve just watched a bunch of videos, some helpful, some not so much.

Physics: Exam! Our first one. So adorable.

Honors Physics: Phase change! After reviewing and practicing more heat capacity and molar specific heat. I only got to tease phase change, but left them with the claim that boiling is a cooling process. Heh heh heh.

AP Physics: Debriefed the labs from Friday, reviewed forces from Thursday, and started working on a big packet of UAPM practice problems.

Physics Logo CMYK Web

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