Day 6: Pretty Chill Day

Thursday, Sept 6

Thursdays I have dorm duty, but I also have an Early Out. At my school, if we’re not teaching, we’re not required to be in our offices, so I went home to do day room inspections, do laundry, and get some work done. The latter two ended up being a nap until dinner check-in. I still consider it a practical use of time.

Physics: Today we discussed more about inertia and got students prepared to review for the exam tomorrow. Pretty chill class. Still surprised at their reluctance to work in groups or pairs. Going to need to start assigning partners and explicitly requiring conversation.

Honors Physics: Finished up talking about volume expansion and then did a research lab on sea level rise due to water warming. I gave them resources to learn about historical trends and a few simulations of how rising sea levels will change coastlines. Their assignment was to choose a location near a coast they care about and do some research about how sea level rise might affect that place and possible interventions/responses to the situation.

AP Physics: Today we had a conversation structured after this blog post from Kelly O’Shea. I didn’t have the matter model, although now some of my department colleagues want to build one, so the conversation about the Normal force ended up being quite different, but I think the important bits were discussed and articulated. The friction conversations were interesting, because they all wanted the direction to be only opposite motion. It can be, but not always. It can be in any direction depending on the situation, as long as it’s parallel to the surfaces in contact. They were dubious. Next week we’ll start serious dynamics analysis and they’ll have more chances to convince themselves or at least see a bunch of examples.

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