Days 146, 147, 148: Last Real Days

Tuesday, May 22, and Wednesday, May 23

Physics: Tuesday was senior project presentations, which took the whole period and were pretty neat. We had presentations on the Doppler effect, terminal velocity, best method of throwing different masses, color mixing, and the affects of temperature on the strength of magnets. The kids did good work. Wednesday began review days, where students were able to organize their work and ask any questions they had.

Honors Physics: Students continued working on their projects. I opened up the basement and the robotics trailer where we have all the power tools, and we had quite a few projects going on. It was pretty fun. We ended up with instruments made of carrots, broccoli, squash, and wood. We also discussed what we wanted to be on the final exam, so I’ll get that written up and ready to go for next Tuesday.

AP Physics: Took roll. Dismissed students. Really, at this point it’s just ridiculous.

Thursday: This day was entirely assemblies, awards, tragically under-food-ed “cook outs” for each class (my lunch ended up being potato salad, three chips, and a cookie, because they were completely out of chicken and didn’t bring more in the half-hour I waited around). Pretty calm day, and G went to fetch part of our metal order for the robotics team so we should be all set and ready to get started come fall. I’m on duty tonight, so I get to do semi-final room inspections for non-seniors. They have this week-ahead inspection to strongly encourage early packing and cleaning, as well as getting everything down off the walls so we can check for damage. From my first pass through while kids are still cleaning, most damage seems to be in the form of jacked up window blinds.

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