Day 144 & 145: I Am a Milling Machine!

Friday, May 18, and Monday, May 21

Friday was the chillest day ever. I’m realizing I say that a lot. I do work these kids hard, but I also give them chances to rest and regroup. Both are important for learning.  Monday started with course evaluations. I don’t even know what questions are on there or who the results go to. I just gave the kids the link and told them to answer the questions.

Physics: After finishing evaluations, I handed back exams and students worked on corrections. Tomorrow and Wednesday are senior project presentations, and then we’re done! Wow. Holy smokes.

Honors Physics: Friday was a project work day! Today, after evals, was a project work day! I took a few kids down to the shop so they could use tools and get started making things, which was pretty fun. Tomorrow is the double period, so I expect more groups to head down and work on their stuff with more time.

AP Physics: Supervised study hall! I excused them after the evals. I’m taking attendance through Wednesday, but I am not making them come to review days. They’ve already taken their finals. They’re done. We’re done. It’s over.

Robotics: About two weeks ago we got our shiny new PCNC440 from Tormach delivered. It took a few days to get everything needed for set up, a few hours to do the actual set up, and then dozens and dozens of hours of internet research plus fail and error trying to get the dang thing set up correctly to cut aluminum, which is the material most used for construction on the robot. Here’s a picture of our journey from the first day (bottom) to this morning (top). I can’t even tell you the sense of accomplishment that came with this. I’ve also got a call scheduled with one of the customer service trainer people to ask some questions today at 3 for some other situations we’ve run in to. My goodness, this is so fantastic. I cannot wait to learn more.


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