Day 143: Learning Is Hard

Thursday, May 17

Physics: Exam day! I left some notes on the board from yesterday on purpose. I think only about half the class noticed. It was also cool to see them getting up to check the periodic table at the back. The first student finished in 22 minutes, which is unusual for my tests. Whatever. It’s the last test of the year, it’s on weird topics that are mind bending and unintuitive, and I tried super hard not to make it super hard. I guess it worked.

Honors Physics: They worked on their project. I worked on robotics trying to figure out CAD and CAM with OnShape to use with the CNC machine (Tormach 440) we got last week. I’ve already spent ~12 hours fooling with the thing including delivery, set-up, and getting started, but I’ve reached a wall where I’m not sure my “guess and check” method is going to net me the most figuring stuff out. There is nothing intuitive about this process, so I’m trying to read as much as I can to figure it out. Everyone is busy and productive today.

AP Physics: 2018 FRQs have been released, so the students looked at those a bit. I am continuing my “let’s take it easy” policy, because they’re graduating next Sunday, Wednesday is the last day of classes, and every other class has a ton of projects due. Like I do for Honors. I am definitely going to re-think that next year. Somehow my brain thought there was another week in there, and there is! but it’s for finals, not for class. Poor planning on my part.

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