Day 142: The Rail Gun Begins. Maybe.

Wednesday, May 16

Physics: Reviewed fusion and fission and had the rest of the time to study for the exam. I’ve got it written and copied, so we’re all set for tomorrow.

Honors Physics: The kids worked on their projects some more. Kids made instruments out of apples, tried to make different shakers out of what they could find in the cafeteria, worked on research papers, and built a really cool thing to show standing wave patterns. They took a balloon, stretched it over a cup, and secured it with a rubber band. They cut a hole in the cup, put in a length of PVC, and made noises into the pipe. This made the rubber sheet vibrate, and they put salt on top of it to show the patterns. It was really dang cool. Here’s a picture of one of their first successful tries. They got better and better after that.


AP Physics: I couldn’t cancel class again, so I excused the kids that still had AP tests left to prep for those tests, and the rest of class was a rest day so they could just rest. Apparently the AP test itself was incredibly brutal, and they just keep getting hammered with more stuff. They made noise about wanting to make a rail gun, which I wholeheartedly endorse, but they have to figure out the design themselves. I don’t have a Rail Gun Erector Set hanging out in the supply closet.


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