Day 132: Counting on Geiger

Wednesday, May 2

We had free reign in our group advising today, so I took my advisees on a walk. We almost got to the beach by the time we had to turn around, but given we only had ten minutes out and back, we still had a great walk and talk. They told me about some teachers they thought were scary, and I was privy to a few of their impressions of other teachers, which are always my favorite. I desperately want to know what students do to impersonate/mock me, but no one will tell me and always assures me it never happens. Yeah. Right. I was in high school once. NO ONE goes unscathed.

Physics: Radioactivity! Of course, began with a quiz. Ugh. So, so glad there are only three more quizzes left this year. Since we’re not going the Great America science day visit thing this year, we have about a week and a half of time that is completely unscheduled. We talked about the types of decay and half lives. The last test is on May 15, and then after that will be pretty chill. The major goal is to give these kids a calm end of year instead of the usual “cram all the things into the last few weeks” that so many classes end up being.

Honors Physics: My colleague and I set up the geiger counter and uranium salts for the lab tomorrow before the honors class, so I took advantage of that. As a class we took some data for how the measured rate changes based on how many pieces of card stock we put between the salts and the detector up to about 5 pieces. We also have a thin piece of lead that almost entirely but not quite completely blocks the radiation (down to about 2-4 clicks per 10 seconds from MANY). Once we had a set of data, I told them their job was to figure out a question this data could be used to answer and then answer it. We’ll see how well that goes!


Also one of the students mis-spoke “radioactive” as “radioaction” and now I want a comic book that is all about the adventures of RadioAction Woman!

AP Physics: E&M Multiple choice practice. I gave them scantron sheets for the first mc practice. I forgot to go get more, so whatever. Just mark on the damn packet. It’s not like any student needs more practice bubbling damn answers in.

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