Day 130: Destroyer of Worlds

Monday, April 30

Physics: Since we reviewed the exam on Friday, Monday was beginning atomic and nuclear physics for realsies. First, of course there was a quiz. Then we went over the quiz and talked about the material, because I think this content of all content is not really learnable through reading a dang textbook about the de Broglie wavelength and the photoelectric effect when you’ve done no physics more complicated than things being directly proportional. Anyway, we talked about photons, wave/particle duality, and watched the Crash Course video on the history of the atomic model that the kids see at least two or three times throughout the year because it’s a cool topic, a great survey of science history, and clearly shows how scientists update models as new things are learned.

Honors Physics: The students gave their presentations on the Manhattan Project, which were super informative. I learned a lot, at least. The presentation on what other countries were doing with their nuclear programs at the time was fascinating. It was also sobering how many of the people who worked on the project regretted it afterwards. We cannot forget that science is interwoven inextricably with society, and they each affect the other in unforeseeable ways.

World War II, after the explosion of the atom bomb.

AP Physics: Mechanics Multiple Choice practice. That’s all we’re doing for the next two weeks. Practice tests. Woo! woo?

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