Day 129: But What Does History Have To Do With Science?

Friday, April 27

Physics: Chapter 38! First chapter of the last unit of the Hewitt book on the atom and the quanta. We skipped Chapter 17 on the atomic nature of matter, so we’ll basically have to add that chapter in here for it to make any sense to students who have not all had chemistry. I had finished grading their exams, so I gave them the option of going over that or starting the new chapter, and they unanimously chose test corrections. Quite honestly I was relieved. Since this is the last block on Fridays everyone is always exhausted. Starting a new chapter of quite complex material would have been hilariously misguided.

Honors Physics: Yesterday’s terrible documentary gave them some historical context of what was happening in WWII and the associated countries, so today I asked them to focus on the Manhattan project. I divided them up into four groups.

  1. Who were the people involved?
  2. Why was it at Oak Ridge? Pros and cons to this location.
  3. What was happening in other countries regarding atomic weapons.
  4. The science of how an atom-bomb works.

Surprisingly more students were interested in each of the first three topics than in the actual science part, but it was relatively even distribution of 2, 3, or 4 people on each so it worked out great. They’re really in to it.


AP Physics: I handed back the practice exam from yesterday and posted electronic solutions on the internal LMS. It’s not AP official restricted document, so don’t clutch your pearls. It’s from an old CliffsNotes AP practice book and is honestly terrible and I will never use it again. The questions are reasonable, but the solutions are riddled with mistakes and problems and really confusing things. Never again, Cliff Notes AP Prep from like ten years ago. Never again.

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