Day 122: Catchin’ Up For Realsies

Tuesday, April 17

The long weekend was pretty good. I finally got started on my grading backlog, but it’s going faster than I feared. Physics is done, Honors is done, and AP midterms are done. Still have some labs and homework for AP, but way better than before.

Physics: Magnetism! I’m super ready to be done with this chapter and move on to induction. Also graded the exams from two units ago that got lost in robotics, and the results weren’t near as bad as the circuits exam. Not super looking forward to the magnetism exam, either.

Honors Physics: Had the conversation about how to assess their understanding of circuits and electromagnetism. They wanted to do projects and labs. Ok! Sounds good to me.

AP Physics: Review of rotational motion: kinematics, dynamics/statics, and momentum. I need to throw in the towel on “don’t memorize” and come up with the few things I want the students to memorize. Here’s the beginning of my list: 1) moments of inertia. I’m still waffling on doing equation or constant memorization quizzes or tests. Seems a waste of effort that could be spent understanding the concepts, but I’ve run into enough AP teachers that swear by it I’m starting to waffle.

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