Day 120: Let Them Ask Questions!

Tuesday, April 10

Physics: Magnets! We started with the usual quiz, and then I figured that since we had one day this week of magnets, I would let them ask things they’re curious about and answer them. It worked out really well. They asked great questions, and I got to talk about/introduce a lot of really important magnetism and electromagnetism ideas that I can review next week (after the long weekend where we’re off Thursday, Friday, and Monday) and move on from there. This being a three day week that started with an exam and is ending with exam review, I didn’t want to get too deep into new material. But! The Q&A version of lessons really let us talk about a lot of neat things and kept them interested in the topics.

Honors Physics: The debate preparation continues.

AP Physics: Reviewing forces and Newton’s Laws. There were a lot of things they remembered, but also a lot of things that really did need reviewing. Worked out well.

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