Silicon Valley Comic Con Recap

Friday-Saturday, April 6-7

Silicon Valley Comic Con was utterly amazing. Presenting on Friday went well, and my co-presenter and I have lots of ideas to make it even better, and then we had the rest of the con to just do con things. After the presentation we went to get a photo shoot with Stan Lee. It looks like the kids hanging out with Grampa Stan, and I love it so very much. Saturday I got autographs from Michio Kaku, the gentleman along with Carl Sagan that I credit with getting me interested in science from reading his books in middle school, and Mae Jemison, who signed a set of the Women of NASA Legos (and said to tell my students she says Hi). I was in science nerd heaven. AND THEN, I saw that Nichelle Nichols’ table  had no line, so I jumped in there and got both an autograph and a picture with her. After that I was third row, center section to see panels with Katee Sackhoff, Adam Savage, and Jewel Staite. Sunday I stayed in bed all day reading because I was so exhausted and over-people’d that I couldn’t function.




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