Days 109 and 110: Too Tired To Title

Monday, March 26, and Tuesday, March 27

I tried to write a post yesterday, but it ended up getting eaten. Whatever. I don’t have the time or energy to re-create it, so I’ll do both days today. I was at robotics until 10:30 last night and will be doing the same tonight, so this is a bit farther down the priority list than it has been.

Physics: Electrostatics (force and field) with an introduction to electric potential energy and potential, because the Hewitt book’s treatment is not to my liking. We also introduced capacitors and I talked briefly about circuit element symbols.

Honors Physics: Capacitors and going over the activity they did while I was gone, and for the double period they did a PhET capacitor simulation lab while I continued to figure out robotics logistics. I’m enjoying robotics, but I am also looking forward to putting more energy into my classes than into my sport again next week.

AP Physics: We learned about motional emf and basic induction and then did a bunch of practice problems. I used presentations from years past because they have everything I need in them and I don’t have time right now to re-make a bunch of lessons. We finished up with a rail gun problem, which is always fun and rail guns are awesome both in general and as physics props. Considering having building one be the post-AP project…

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