Day 99: The End. It’s here. (Finals Day)

Friday, Feb 23

I’ve spent the morning proctoring the Chinese final exams. It’s an hour fifteen into a two-hour exam and there are only four students left. I’ll be here though 11 if they need the time, no problem. I’m just using this time to work on this post and my latest grade school assignment of making a power point presentation and yet another lesson plan. Who’da thought a masters in curriculum and instruction involved making so much curriculum. Weird. I want to take my circuits unit, which I’ve done at both the conceptual and AP level, and adapt it to be an an honors level specifically for the kids in my honors class.

The two instructional models I evaluated were backwards design (will be super useful for figuring out the new 9th grade course for next year and the 10th grade course for the year after) and ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) which is a very basic design model in line with the Stanford D-school model and engineering design processes. I’m done with the power point, but now I need to do the actual writing of the instruction, which I am hoping to have completed and turned in tonight. (ETA: As of 2:40 this is DONE AND SUBMITTED. Now I only have grading all my final exams and writing something like six dozen comments hanging over my head. Woo!)

I had two hours between proctoring the Chinese final this morning and proctoring my own finals, and then 15 minutes after my finals were over to be ready to get on an airport shuttle to head to Phoenix for Estrella War. Most of the stuff went with G when he took off on Wednesday, so I have very minimal baggage. Just one small carry-on and my travel purse. It’s a short flight, and we’re driving back together, so starting the break with three days of SCA shenanigans and a road trip with the hubs is a dang good way to begin two weeks off.

Kitties are fed, watered, and clean-boxed. We’ve got two water stations, two food stations, and two boxes so that Asshole Cat cannot guard anything from Timid Cat without there being another option. I gave them both a bigger than normal helping of wet food as a pre-apology for not coming back once I left to proctor my own final. They very happily munched away. Good kitties. And now I’m 20 minutes from my finals being over, I have to use the restroom in a bad, bad way, and then I have to scoot to gather up all my exams, get them secured, use the dang facilities, and run to catch my shuttle.

I am so ready for this weekend!

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