Day 96: Review Day the Second (T-3)

Tuesday, Feb 20

Oy. This week has been a scheduling nightmare, and it’s only just beginning. Along with doing all the duty switches, I also had to switch proctoring times because the original schedule was wrong, my dept head didn’t catch it, and I made silly assumptions about things being correct when they actually were not. Thursday morning we’re having a long science department meeting from 9-12 to talk about the curriculum for next year’s 9th grade course. I was also scheduled to proctor from 10-12. Turns out I am not a Quantum Val, and even if I were, being observed at either place would make me disappear from the other, so this metaphor is terrible and I guess I need to stop using it. Dang.

So, that’s sorted. I’m now proctoring Friday morning and Friday afternoon, so I have tomorrow completely free (wowza!). Thursday afternoon is going to be filled with more proctoring, this time of the students taking two sciences and thus have conflicts during the regularly scheduled Friday afternoon time. So far I have students doing make-up exams Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Not sure how I’m going to swing Friday morning when I’m also proctoring a language exam, but I’m sure something will get worked out.

Physics: Review! Some of them wanted to go over the challenge problems, and I couldn’t convince them this wasn’t a very effective use of time since none of the questions on the final will be anywhere near that hard. But they really wanted to know, so I gave them what they wanted. There were a few other requests for a review of springs and some other topics, but for the most part they just wanted explanations for answers to the challenge problems.

Honors Physics: Review! Honor physics wanted to review together with me nearby to ask questions, so we did that. One student asked me about the double slit experiment, so we talked about that for a while. That same student tried to say that in chemistry they had learned that Coulomb’s law was over r1+r2. Sure, that makes sense, because you’re adding the radii of the two atoms together. Apparently it wasn’t squared in chemistry as confirmed by a few others. No, no. Coulomb’s Law is Coulomb’s Law. It’s an inverse square relationship. I mentioned that the inverse relationship would be the potential energy, and they made the connection that in chem they were talking at lattice energy, not force, so I hope everything feels consistent and now makes sense. I hope.

AP Physics: Review! AP students had specific questions that we reviewed, mostly the derivations of equations of electric field for distributed charges. I graded some make-up quizzes, and they seem to really have down Gauss’s law at this point, which makes me super happy. One student asked for a study guide, so we made one together in class for both classes.


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