Day 95: Review Day the First

Monday, Feb 19

For a variety of reasons, I am on duty basically every night this week. Monday because I traded last week when I hurt my back, Tuesday is my normal day, Wednesday I switched with someone in another dorm for my Friday travel-day duty, and Thursday is the night before my final so I will be available to the students in the evening. It’s going to be an EXHAUSTING WEEK, but the payoff is getting to go to Estrella War in Phoenix, AZ, and spend a few days stabbing my friends for fun (I fence. Not, like, ACTUAL stabbing with blood and hurting. Our goal is to “kill” our friends, not injure them).

Physics: Review!

Physics Honors: Review!

AP Physics: Review!

I kinda wish it were a day more worth talking about, but I am also very, very glad that it was just answering questions going over practice problems. I’m already exhausted, and it’s 3pm on Monday. BUT tomorrow is another short day, and then the actual days of finals are far less stressful for me than they are for the kids. So I have very, very little to complain about. I’m gonna be sleepy, but that just means this week is a Coffee Week.

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