Day 94: The End of an Era…or At Least a Term (T-7)

Friday, Feb 16

Last day of regular classes. Mon/Tues is all review and finals begin on Wednesday. It seems both like the past two months have lasted YEARS and that New Years was last week. Weird time of year, but really, really looking forward to the two week vacation that starts after my final next Friday.

Physics: Challenge problems! It’s tradition for the regular physics kids to have a chance to get out of taking the final exam if they can get 10/10 on a very challenging quiz that reviews all the content of the semester. It’s open book and open notes. My colleague says that usually between 0 and 3 students get 10/10 each year, so it’s not a big deal as far as the final goes, but it is a big deal for the students who want to avoid the final and thus they work REALLY HARD on it. It’s almost evil. I like it.

Honors Physics: Review! I put together a bunch of practice questions and they worked on those as I chose which short answer questions would be on the final exam and let them know. They asked questions when they needed help, so we had some really great conversations and they know everything they will be tested over on the exam.

AP Physics: Went over the free response problems. I was using practice questions from an AP Prep book instead of released AP questions, but holy moly some of the questions were poorly written and the answer key had a number of mistakes. It does the job I wanted for this year, but I think I will ask if I can update the prep book stock for next year. Still, it was a great overview of AP C type of problems where you have to combine multiple ideas together. The individual ideas are very straight forward. It’s navigating the relationships between them and how they affect one another that is extremely challenging. But these kids are up for it, and I’m enjoying our time together.

Twitter Bandit Update: The offending tweets have been removed, so at last we can move forward and focus on learning/teaching physics with no more interruptions. I am very relieved and hope for this to be the very last update on the issue. So, here’s to successful second chances without resorting to consequences.

There is one new tweet on the account that says simply, “To be continued.” Ominous, indeed. Surely meant as a warning and a threat. The Twitter Bandit can return at ANY TIME! It’s cool. If it does, we’ll just get IT on it because it should be quite clear at this point that this behavior is not acceptable. A sequel to this saga will be considered a serious breach of the code of conduct and the technology acceptable use policy and thus not be handled so gently. Hoping with all my heart it doesn’t come to that.

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