Day 93: The Calm Before the Storm (T-8)

Thursday, Feb 15

Overall a very quiet, chill day of review and exam prep.

Physics: First we looked at all the Physics Photo Contest entries, which were pretty awesome. I’ll put a few good ones together in their own post after I’m done with this. Then I gave them the floor and let them ask questions.

Honors Physics: I worked on developing the multiple choice practice for them while they worked on writing short answer questions. Tomorrow we’ll begin reviewing all the things.

AP Physics: Handed out a take-home quiz for self assessment. Finished going over the review packet multiple choice and handed out a second review packet. Had a visit by Dept Head to talk to the kids about the Twitter Event.

Twitter Bandit: The account and all the tweets are still up. I brought in Big Gun #1 in the form of the Department Head today to have a chat about deleting all the things. Big Gun #2 (Dean of Students) is on call if it remains after today. 
Nuclear option is getting the IT department involved to see who in the physics classes was on twitter at the time the tweets were posted and busting the individual so we can watch over their shoulder as they delete all the things and deactivate the account. I really don’t want to do that, but I’m tired of wasting class time I need to teach and review for the final next week addressing this. One way or another, it will be resolved. I just hope we can do that the easy way.

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