Day 92: The Last New Content (T-9)

Wednesday, Feb 14

Happy Val-n-Tines Day!!pexels-photo-262896.jpeg

My back is feeling MUCH better today after getting it worked on Monday night and then resting all yesterday afternoon. I can’t quite do the twist, but I am largely functional in most other respects.

Physics: They turned in the lab from yesterday. Since we didn’t have a unit test on the waves/sound/light topics, I handed out the unit exam from last year so they could see what kind of questions COULD be asked and we also hit harder on some topics that we skimmed over previously like resonance (I hadn’t watched the Tacoma Narrows Bridge with them! How could I let that slide?!?) and sonic booms. And now we are officially done with all new content this term.

Honors Physics: Yesterday was Electric Potential Energy. Today we reviewed and then moved to Electric Potential in a capacitor. Since I’m prepping them with the electrostatics they need to understand circuits, I’m zero worried about skipping over the top of point sources and distributed charges. And now we are officially done with all new content this term. Woo!

AP Physics: Today we went over the practice problems together. It felt like I was seeing some of the pieces click together, but we will continue reviewing together the next four days as well, and I’m hoping it will all begin coalescing in their brains. We’ve been done with new content for a while now, so all that’s left is the synthesis portion of the learning.

Twitter Bandit Update: I spoke to one AP class yesterday about The Situation, largely communicating that I understand the stress of this time of year and the fear of bringing complaints to someone who has power over you. I fully understand why you made that choice, but it is still a poor choice. Please take down all of the tweets, all will be forgiven, and we’ll do a survey at the beginning of next term regarding how to organize the class and what you would prefer so everyone has a chance to have their say. We can find something that works for everyone together.

And then I got home later to another barrage of tweets. This time the tweets included “threats” to talk to the president and head of department if I didn’t meet their demands. I brought this to the higher-ups as soon as I saw it last night and had a chat with the other class this morning. I encouraged them to please talk to the head of the department, because that would let them have a conversation about choosing appropriate methods of communication. I also heard back that the Head of School wanted to chat about it. Thankfully, we’re all on the same page.

Good! Yes, we want this and are willing to consider it seriously.
Complaints and Threats on Twitter:
Bad! Not the time, place, or method.
Good gracious it’s nice to be fully backed up and trusted by the admin. The tweets sound damning if you assume they are a 100% true and valid representation of reality, but they are not. The admin know that. And our goal is to shepherd the students through this event so they come wiser out the other end about proper communication AND I am able to receive and implement more frequent and timely feedback.




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