Day 90: The End of Term Draws Nigh

Monday, Feb 12

There was no class on Friday for an all-day in-service, so I declined to write that up, even though it was a pretty good day with some valuable information and reflection. The Canvas training gave me ample time to write on a grad school paper between doing the thing asked and then waiting for everyone else to figure it out before going on to a new thing.

On Sunday my husband bullied me into going to fencing practice by asking me if I wanted to go and offering to wait if I needed time to get ready. That monster! Unfortunately while there I got my left pinky crushed twice and threw out my back. Fun times for all involved! I went home, tried to take care of it, and went to bed super early, but still pretty pain-hazed and uncomfortable today. This, too, shall pass.

Physics: Reflection! Eventually! First there was a ten minute discussion of logistics for the rest of the week, it being the last week of content this term. Tomorrow and maybe into Wednesday will be our last new content the students need to know, and then review. On Friday, there’s a custom of students doing a set of “challenge problems” where if they get 10/10 on them they do not have to take the final exam. I’ve never done such a thing before, but apparently it’s tradition that’s been around the last 41 years, so we’ll continue it. At the very least, it will have them spending 45 minutes looking through their books to review ALL THE THINGS while trying to solve them, so win/win either way.

Honors Physics: Continuing field and discussing the final exam. We got from field vectors to field lines and then basic introduction to capacitors. I’m going through this material pretty quickly, because I want them to know enough for circuits to make sense, but I’m not too fussed about the in-depth knowledge of electrostatics for these kids. Wednesday will be my last day of covering new material for the term

Got an email from the student last Thursday apologizing for her behavior, and we met again today to talk over the assignments and discuss studying for the final, doing corrections and revisions, and the general things that she was worried about. I think we’re in a much better place now, and I’m glad we could find a solution together.

AP Physics: We’ve completed all of circuits as of now, so this week is all review and practice problems. They continued working on the practice problems from Thursday today, and tomorrow I’ll put together a selection of practice AP-style problems for them to work on to prepare for a quiz on Wednesday. I found an AP Review book that had two practice tests, so I copied those out. Still need to go through them and cross out the electromagnetism questions before making class copies, but happy to get more resources for my kids.

It seems a student has created a Twitter account that links to this blog to sass me anonymously. I will have to check with the admin to see whether or not this violates the code of conduct, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing encouraged in this community.

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