Day 86: All the 3D Things

Monday, Feb 5

Physics: Polarized light. We talked about 3D classes and how that works, which also meant talking about how binocular vision works. I ended up drawing smiley faces in red and blue on the board and then passing around red and blue filters for the students to hold over their eyes to experience seeing two different images in the non-every-day way. Well, everyone except the kid with pinkeye that the nurse sent on to class anyway. I asked him to please not put the filters anywhere near his eyeballs oh my gosh what was the nurse thinking? This is also the kid who oh, so helpfully always picks up the quizzes for me, which he did before I noticed to ask him NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING EVER. I watched him rub his eye and then pick up the last quiz. I think I will grade those wearing latex gloves, because yikes.

Honors Physics: Beginning electricity. They are apparently super done with projects and self-directed learning and just want lectures again. That’s fine. I can lecture no problem, but I’m a little sad that they had the chance to design the class in any way they want and gave up after a few weeks to default back to lectures. Ah, well. Such is the way.

AP Physics: Today we did clicker questions about circuits in resistors and series. I’m still working on convincing them to use concepts and models rather than math to make predictions about circuits, but they just want to immediately start writing down equations and calculating things. They nod and agree when I tell them how much faster is it to use understanding rather than math, but the next question they immediately return to their previous habits even on questions with no numbers. They’d just pick some numbers and start doing math. Yes, that is a great skill to have sometimes, but that’s not what I’m after here! USE THE DANG MODEL WE SPENT A WEEK DEVELOPING.

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