Day 85: Reaching Our Capacity

Friday, Feb 2

Physics: Light! Well, actually, mostly Logistics! Handed back papers, went over the schedule for the rest of the term, answered unending questions about the end of the term schedule, and finally told them we’d talk about it more on Monday so I could talk about light any at all. The first few sections of the chapter are interesting to me, but super not things I’m ever going to test them on, so we breezed over that and then I let them ask questions. Most of them asked questions about transparent materials, which means I got to talk about telescopes some more because telescopes. Then one student asked about the changing magnetic field of the Earth, so I gave the three minute version of what we know about our magnetic field, how often it changes, and what we mostly don’t know about how that process works. Borderline useless class when it came to learning physics, but we should be mostly all set for the schedule of the rest of the term and now everyone has their papers back. So, success!

Honors Physics: Exam! I gave them the option to choose four of the five questions to answer, but I didn’t tell them that until just before the exam was handed out. They were super grateful and they still studied the things I wanted them to.

AP Physics: Capacitors! We looped back to some ideas of electrostatics regarding capacitors to understand capacitance and what a capacitor does (they’re basically really garbage batteries, but super useful when you need a temporary energy storage for something like a camera flash), then we talked through combinations of capacitors, energy stored in a capacitor, and walked through a basic RC circuit problem to begin getting the idea of how current behaves while charging, at steady state, and while discharging. They’re picking up the ideas really fast. I’m so excited that I got through all of resistor circuits so quickly so we can move on to the actual AP-C level stuff, and three days of that happened while I was at jury duty. I think next year with no jury duty I’ll be able to get through it even faster. Woo! Actually, I’ll probably be able to do a lot of things faster next year now that I’ve gone through them.

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