Day 81: The Real Resistance Begins

Monday, Jan 29

I started this morning with my KSPB Radio Show where I put on music for an hour. Eventually I want to turn it into a radio show where I talk about stuff, but I haven’t figured out what I want to talk about just yet. I’ve also considered using the studio to record a podcast since they have really sweet recording equipment, but, again, what would I talk about? Still considering.

Physics: I met my promise to get their exams graded, so today was exam review and corrections.

Honors Physics: Dark energy! We looked at Hubble plots on Friday, so today we checked out the new supernova data and then watched a video on dark matter and dark energy, because it’s neat.

AP Physics: Today I gave them real resistors, which allows far more reliable measurements than the holiday lights. I briefly explained simple circuits in series and parallel and complex circuits with a combination of the two before telling them to build things and take measurements. They’re recording all their data in a class spreadsheet. I had them share it with me, and holy smokes is it a HOT MESS of incomprehensibility. I expected this, so we also got to have a discussion about how to organize data, grouping all the data for one circuit together instead of just going to the next open row your classmates aren’t using. I’m 100% ok with today being all kinds of chaos. We’ll continue working on this tomorrow and tighten up the data and consider different ways to organize it.

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