Days 74, 75, 76, 77: Illness and Jury Duty

Thursday, Jan 18. Friday, Jan 19. I was feeling ill, so both Thursday and Friday I went straight home after school and went to bed, which helped, but means I didn’t get any solid blogging done.

Physics: Continuing heat and thermodynamics.

Honors Physics: Discussed doppler effect and first attempt at putting all the pieces of evidence together for the Big Bang.

AP Physics: Continued with electrostatics practice problems on Thursday, quiz on Friday.

Monday, Jan 22. Tuesday, Jan 23. JURY DUTY!

I legally can’t talk details, because I have to go back again tomorrow. But, again, I got home Monday and went straight to bed. I would have done that again tonight, but I have dorm duty, which is why I am awake and doing this instead of indulging in sweet, sweet slumber.

Anyway, once the trial is over, I hope to write quite a bit about it because, hoooooo buddies, do I have Some Thoughts about critical thinking in our society and the (in)ability to make a valid conclusion based on evidence. Some Thoughts. Many Thoughts. ALL THE THOUGHTS.

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