Day 71: Anticipating some Burninating

Friday, January 12

Physics: Still on thermo! After the calorimetry lab on Wednesday, today I am actually going to talk about all the physics that is related. It’s stuff I love, and pretty straight forward. Plus I’ll eventually get to burn stuff, so that’s always fun. For this, I didn’t feel like doing an overview would be helpful, so I just let the students ask questions. We wandered a bit away from heat, but I am 100% ok with that, because they were interested and asking cool multidisciplinary questions and really wanting to understand how steam makes electricity and why microwaves have turn tables and why you can’t get nourishment from hot water since it has calories of energy. I had a great time, and one of them genuinely got exasperated that so many questions he asked I would answer with, “Great question! We’ll learn that in chapter xx!!” I hope they stay interested in these things.

Honors Physics: Today’s lesson was on diffraction, and the students did a really great job of showing it and having an activity for the students and talking about how it is the limitation on microscopes. I learned some things today, for sure.

AP Physics: It’s all coming back to me. I started off with a final review of Gauss’s law to emphasize it again, then moved on to potential. It was almost magical how it all came back to me as I was talking. There was a lot of head nodding and soft, ‘Oh…”s happening, which is always great to hear. They’re starting to see how forces and fields and energy and potential all work together to let them make predictions about moving charged particles. It’s all just so exciting.

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