Day 68: Epsilon Naughty is Far Too Permissive

Tuesday, January 9

Physics: Exam!

Honors Physics: Today is the double block, so they have time to do the last bits of lesson planning. I’m having to reign back a few groups who are trying to go far, far beyond the scope of what I expect, but it’s cool to hear conversations that start,”Hey, do you understand this?” and asking good questions and having good discussions. We’ll see how it all goes starting tomorrow, but I’m excited to see the results.

AP Physics: We started with a discussion of what is epsilon naught and then did a practice AP problem with a continuous distribution of charge, and I handed out some more straight forward practice problems for homework. Tomorrow we’ll move on to Gauss’s law (flux, etc.) after any review or questions they have. I’ll come back to capacitors once we’re on to potential. They’ve got the basic ideas of all the electrostatic quantities, so I don’t have to spend a lot more time on potential energy, but the relationship between field and potential will be the focus for probably the next week or so.

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