Day 67: Continuous Continues

Monday, Jan 8

Physics: Review for exam. The topics are solids, liquids, and gasses. It’s all pretty straightforward for the students, and they seem to be catching on pretty well. We’ll see after the exam tomorrow.

Honors Physics: Continue prep for their lessons. I went around and spoke at length with each group and helped them solidify their plans. As predicted they are solid on making a presentation, ok with how to do a demonstration, and completely at a loss for how to do an activity or discussion. I re-iterated that that was a required portion and gave them each some ideas (PhET or other online simulation, a worksheet [blegh, but still an option], or a set of discussion questions/conceptual questions). I’m excited to see how things go on Wednesday.

AP Physics: Finish up distributions of charge. We’ve now done rods (both finite and infinite), hoops, disks, infinite planes, and spheres. It’s almost funny how much the students expected planes and spheres to get even more complicated, but they were both the most simple fields possible, although planes at least do require understanding each of the previous derivations before you get to the simplification.

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