Day 66: All The Wrong Things

Friday, Jan 5

I often say that the second and third day back after a break are always harder than the first day back, and this week was no exception. Yesterday night I was woken up at 2am by the cats. We got a new kitty boy on Tuesday, and G decided to open the door to his adjustment room basically 24-hours after he arrived because he was crying and G is the biggest softie ever. At 1am, Bug took a dislike to the new kitty boy (named Stache Dog, because he’s white with black spots including a dashing mustache) and decided to loudly growl and hiss her displeasure for a good half-hour. I finally asked G to close the door again and it stopped, so I got back to sleep, but then I was woken up at around 2:45 by the earthquake, so Wednesday was a hard day of being SUPER sleepy. I went to bed by about 9 last night and slept 11 hours (yay Friday sleep in!), so I’m feeling much more alert today, but I am all over the place mentally and organizationally.

Physics: Wow. So, the syllabus had a quiz scheduled for the day we get back for break. I am not here for that, so I pushed it back, not realizing that this would screw up the rest of the week. I thought I’d just have the quiz the next day and everything would be normal, but when I went to give them a quiz today everyone was upset that it was on a reading that wasn’t assigned yet. I got confused, checked the syllabus, and didn’t realize how my one small shift had screwed up everything and made it super confusing for the kids, so I cancelled the quiz and gave it out as a study guide rather than a quiz, taught all the topics they would need for the exam, and then went over the correct quiz answers. We’re back on track for Monday, but I felt like I completely let them down organizationally and made things so confusing. When I write the exam I will be super duper careful to only include questions that I know we went over in class.

Honors Physics: They are still working on their projects. Today I brought out a big tub of stuff and the students had a ball going through it and finding things that might help them or give them an activity or be a demo. They’re really getting into the lesson planning, and I’m super into them being into it.

AP Physics: Oh, man, I am way sketchier on my distributed charge than I thought I was. I had to check the steps multiple times in class to make sure I wasn’t messing up EVEN MORE. Yesterday for one class I had skipped one major step while working out a problem, so today I had to go back and fix that, plus we were doing fields next to hoops and disks, which are not my strong suit. I’m sooooo ready to be done with this and move on to potential and Gauss’s Law and circuits and stuff, but I know that’s me being petulant about not being super great at teaching C-level electrostatics. It’s only my first time teaching it ever, so I should cut myself some slack, but ARGH I feel like I’m letting them down when I’m not on top of my game.

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